Cracking Grammar: How to Properly Use ‘You and I’ and ‘You and me’

Cracking Grammar is for those of us who properly suck at grammar at times. And it isn’t so much that we’re bad at it, but the way grammar was explained to us wasn’t at all very child friendly. I actually don’t recall having much of an impression while learning English grammar and usage. It was all very monotonus; these are the rules and that’s that. For those of us who need tips and tricks to remembering all these Dos and Dont’s this ones for you.

‘You and I’ or ‘You and me’

Many of us are oblivious to the correct usage of ‘ You and I’ and ‘You and me’. I had actually come across this common problem on Facebook. A friend of mine was retelling a conversation she was having with her 4 year old. She had asked her what she had done that day and she responded ‘You and I went to the grocery store’. She had corrected her and said ‘No hunny, its ‘You and me went  to the grocery store” and felt proud enough to post the experience to the internet. There were people that ‘awwed’ and congratulated her on the moment but I was having a migraine, something felt off. I ran to google to confirm, lo and behold the child was right!

I’m not going to give you the basic English teacher lecture on Grammar. I attempt always to find a way to crack the code and make the seemingly exhausting, simpler.

Look at the two sentences below:

You and I should see the Kiss concert next week.

You and me should see the Kiss concert next week.

Now, how do we tell which one is correct? The trick is to simply exclude the other participant or the ‘You’. The sentences would then read:

I should see the Kiss concert next week.

Me should see the Kiss concert next week.

Clearly ‘I’ in this case is the correct word.

Now these:

Joan mentioned you and I at her party.

Joan mentioned you and me at her party.

Break it down:

Joan mentioned I at her party.

Joan mentioned me at her party.

‘Me’ is correct.

Always simply exclude the other person and see if the sentence makes sense without them.

I hope with my help you’ve cracked the code. Good luck and Happy Writing!


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5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is not often about just having the skills to write a great article or string a few sentences together with some complicated and smart sounding words. There are much skills involved in order to become successful and make good money doing what you love to do.


This is the most important skill freelance writers will need. All professionals in any field know how important organization is to becoming successful. In the world of freelancing its all about keeping track of clients, work hours and schedules. For those who work per hour, organization comes in very handy as this will outline for them what they need to charge to make a decent living. Those who track their expenses will never overspend or over-pay their taxes. When freelancers are disorganized this often leads to waste of time and money.


Your image is important. In order to get more work and more clients you will need to work on how you are percieved by others.It is important to establish yourself as a professional and take your brand very seriously. This gives clients confidence in you and that you will be able to produce high quality work on time. Networking is a great way to establish a professional image.


Money is the gold at the end of the rainbow when it comes to freelancing. While we are not leaving home to go to an office everyday, we do work, we just do it in the comfort of our own home. Our money isn’t guaranteed. We don’t have a set income and basically, our income is based on how much we work. While there are many writing opportunities out there that pay decent rates, in order to be successful freelance writers need to become more aggresive when dealing with their rates. When its time to collect money, it is time to be a collection agent. In short, you will need to stop writing for pennies and know your worth. Keep good records and acquire higher paying jobs.


I have many a times disregarded this simple rule and I’m sure many other freelancers have done so as well. The jist is to be consistent with work. Many freelancers dig in and work hard when the bills need to be paid then slow down or stop altogether when thier responsibilities won’t be coming again for another couple of weeks. Being consistent will allow you to work and not kill yourself in the process. Instead of slaving for a week to meet bills, working at a consistent pace for the month will allow you to pay your bills and have extra left over. While its okay to take a break for a day or two don’t let it run over so much so that you have to double time it to get back on track.


Being aware of whats happening in the freelance writing community is key to being successful in the business. There are many freelance writing communities which post job opportunities, workshops, training sessions and conferences which are beneficial for all writers out there. It is important to know where the best work is coming from, which companies to avoid, who’s making money where and where they aren’t and what rates are being charged in the industry. This can be easily done by staying in contact with other writers, commnities and blogs. Keep your ears and ears open at all times.


If you have more tips you would like to share with my readers, feel free to post them in the comment box.

The Drawbacks of Freelancing

After coming across a quote online, I chose to share it with others:

Author and poet Ernest William Hornung (1866–1921) used the term in “The Gift of the Emperor” to describe his woeful state as a freelancer in those days, “I warmed to my woes. It was no easy matter to keep your end up as a raw freelance of letters; for my part, I was afraid I wrote neither well enough nor ill enough for success.” (source: Wikipedia)

Comment below and tell me what you feel are the major drawbacks of freelancing.

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My List of Content Mills

For the past couple of days, I’ve been searching for a list of content mills but, surprisingly, I can’t find one. I’ve found many posts about mills but none really going into much details about the mills themselves. Therefore, I’ve chosen to do a list for those writer’s like me who are looking for content mills. I have listed them in no particular order.

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