The FWJ was an idea I had one day after searching high and low for content from foreigners like myself. Someone who knew my plight and could answer my questions. The FWJ is dedicated to us, Jamaican writers, Caribbean writers, writers outside ‘1st World Mecca’ (US, UK, Canada).

It is also a way for me to practise my writing skills and to keep myself writing… something…

As time goes by, this blog grows bigger and I only hope it’ll help you on your journey towards writing success.

I aspire mostly to be a novelist. I also write poetry. My aesthetic is considered odd and my style is unique. Although my confidence in that area is dim I still try everyday to write… something…



To request a review, post, cracked grammar topic etc please email me at: abigaila.msmith@gmail.com

I filter spam like nobody’s business so please title your email appropriately.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Abi,
    Just wondering if you had a list of sites that accepts poetry from Jamaicans or anywhere i can get paid for my poetry.
    I’m a poetry writer looking for a market to break into.
    Anything would be helpful

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