Cracking Grammar: How to Properly Use ‘You and I’ and ‘You and me’

Cracking Grammar is for those of us who properly suck at grammar at times. And it isn’t so much that we’re bad at it, but the way grammar was explained to us wasn’t at all very child friendly. I actually don’t recall having much of an impression while learning English grammar and usage. It was all very monotonus; these are the rules and that’s that. For those of us who need tips and tricks to remembering all these Dos and Dont’s this ones for you.

‘You and I’ or ‘You and me’

Many of us are oblivious to the correct usage of ‘ You and I’ and ‘You and me’. I had actually come across this common problem on Facebook. A friend of mine was retelling a conversation she was having with her 4 year old. She had asked her what she had done that day and she responded ‘You and I went to the grocery store’. She had corrected her and said ‘No hunny, its ‘You and me went  to the grocery store” and felt proud enough to post the experience to the internet. There were people that ‘awwed’ and congratulated her on the moment but I was having a migraine, something felt off. I ran to google to confirm, lo and behold the child was right!

I’m not going to give you the basic English teacher lecture on Grammar. I attempt always to find a way to crack the code and make the seemingly exhausting, simpler.

Look at the two sentences below:

You and I should see the Kiss concert next week.

You and me should see the Kiss concert next week.

Now, how do we tell which one is correct? The trick is to simply exclude the other participant or the ‘You’. The sentences would then read:

I should see the Kiss concert next week.

Me should see the Kiss concert next week.

Clearly ‘I’ in this case is the correct word.

Now these:

Joan mentioned you and I at her party.

Joan mentioned you and me at her party.

Break it down:

Joan mentioned I at her party.

Joan mentioned me at her party.

‘Me’ is correct.

Always simply exclude the other person and see if the sentence makes sense without them.

I hope with my help you’ve cracked the code. Good luck and Happy Writing!