How to Not Stop

After quite a long dry spell I am back. With a words of wisdom and a confession.

Freelance writing was once something I did daily. And when I first began I was doing work for chum change. I pay my own bills and I do this full-time so at some points I would be doing maybe 20 articles a day in order to make a substantial amount of money to live. This, as you can imagine, became more of a chore than ‘something I love to do’. And sooner rather than later I became annoyed with freelance writing and tried my hands at other things. Nevertheless, as a full-time freelance writer, as many of you can attest to, sometimes you slow down until you rather do nothing than write a 500 word article on massage therapy… or even worse, ingrown hair.

Once you stop it is hard to start again. Let me reiterate: once you stop working you don’t want to start again. And this is what happened to me. There were days when I would stare at the job board on content mills and pretend I didn’t see the plethora of articles waiting to be taken. Why? I was tired. Not physically, but mentally tired of writing. And worse, tired of writing where it seems I do not get a substantial amount of money in return.

Once you stop it is hard to start again.

I am now one of those persons who hates content mills. So I took the next step. I faced something I was always fearful of. I applied to a news publication. And as of now I am shortlisted to become a permanent provider for them (more info coming if I get the job).  I cannot really tell you why I was afraid of writing for publications? Maybe it is because I have no actual formal training when it comes to writing. Writing for me in inate and I have always done it and enjoyed it and, if I might add, I am very good at it.

Try applying for a job at a publication.

What happens when you tire of writing for content mills, where you sign over your work and you can’t put it on your resume as something you have done? Try applying for a job at a publication (you can also say ‘ try applying directly to the client’). There are many. In fact just simply googling ‘Write for Us’ will bring up a plethora of options. And they pay handsomely as well. Some articles, if approved, can earn you up to US$100. If you are good at graphic design or health writing, find a website or publication that caters to that and send them a fresh article to show your skill. This is the next best thing and will surely help you pay those bills without having you fall asleep on your couch after staring at the text on your screen all day (yes, this happens to me a lot).

Since I have said that I will be trying to provide you all with Write for Us information from varying sites and I will create a new category just for these posts. I know it may be difficult to pull yourself from the writing you are doing now to search for more jobs. Trust me, I know. So I will help.

I hope you found this post helpful and feel free to comment.



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