How to Create A Freelance Writing Resume

I have come across many job opportunities which asked for a resume. Some of which I passed on because I did not have a resume at the time. Creating a freelance writing resume is, well, quite easy. Following a few steps one shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to create.

Remember that as a freelance writer you should be able to exhibit a number of key skills. Ensure to touch on these skills throughout your resume:

  • Knowledge of a variety of topics
  • The ability to research on any given topic
  • The skill to organize your research into a well-written article
  • Ability to work efficiently and professionally


Every resume, regardless of job or position has several must-haves.

  • Your full name (goes without saying)
  • Your website name and address if available (this site should be about writing and showcase your skills)
  • Your contact information (this should include your telephone number, email address etc. Some writers may have a professional skype or other IM account. Including this information is optional)


Abigail Smith

Tel: 555.555.1234

Address: No. 9 Abbey Road, Yonder Hills, Jamaica

Skype: professionalaccount


The objective can either be job specific or generic.


A job specific objective may read, “To obtain employment as a columnist at the Example Resume Company.”

A generic objective may read, “To provide web content, articles and product reviews to small business websites that will help to improve their visibility within their niche.”


A freelance writing resume will include qualifications or areas of expertise versus the traditional job history we are all accustomed to. While some writers may add their job history some do not. My take on this issue is that writing resumes will normally have links to writing samples. Whether you wrote an article for a publication or your article was uploaded to a clients site. If you plan on adding writing samples I personally don’t find it necessary to add a job history section as well. The writing samples will give the client the best idea of your skill and competency moreso than a list of places you have worked.

Your qualifications can be in list form or a short paragraph. However, a list form is easier on the eyes.


Summary of Qualifications

  • Years of writing experience in a wide variety of topics
  • Great skill with meeting deadlines,keeping content concise and to the point and working on multiple topics at once
  • Perfect hand at MS tools such as WORD, EXCEL and tremendous search traits at the web platform
  • Very high speed typing and reading capabilities


Areas of Expertise

  • SEO Articles
  • Blogging
  • How-To Articles
  • Product Reviews
  • Technology Guides, etc.


This is like listing your job experience but as a freelance writer many of us have had quite a lot of clients and writing jobs. Listing them in their entirety, which includes position, responsibilities, achievement etc, will maybe take up a few pages. Instead, keep this area compact. If possible, include links of your published work. A great way to make this section concise and informative is to create sections:


(the numbers below should be links and when clicked should lead to a sample of your work. You may include links in any format/way that you see fit)

Professional Experience

Freelance Writer

  • Acme Newspaper, Columnist, 2006-2008 [1][2][3]
  • Bedroom Publishing Company, Editor, 2007-2010 [1][2]

Freelance Website Content Writer


This speaks for itself. List any and all academic/schooling you have had that pertains to your writing. This includes, courses, degrees, diplomas, certificates etc.


  • University of Mississippi, Jackson, MS: Bachelor of Arts and English Literature 2007
  • Carolina University, MS: post graduate of the Arts and Modern English Literature 2004


  1. Ensure you are allowed to provide potential clients with links to published work. As a website content writers oftentimes you will sign over all rights of the article to the client.
  2. The best way to link to articles that you have written is to register at EzineArticles, Ehow, and Hubpages where you can upload fresh articles under your name.
  3. You may need to produce more than one type of resume. One for becoming a columnist and another for becoming a content writer, for example. Having multiple types of resumes will save you time in the long run.
  4. If you are mailing your resumes (not emailing) obviously links will not work. Send along a few short articles attached to your resume along with a web address to where it is published online.
  5. Update your resume with each job you acquire. This saves much time and confusion lest you forget the names of clients or publications in the future.

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