Where You Write/Work Matters

Since my office is now floor to ceiling storage I’ve been without my writing room/home office for months and consequently, my writing has suffered. This helped me realize that where you write matters immensely. Here are a few tips for creating a comfortable home office or writing nook.


Whether you are a part-time or full-time write a novelist, or work at home mom you will need a professional and comfortable room to work in.

  • Choose a room with a computer or writing desk and a proper chair to support your back. Sitting in a couch will promote a slouch and this does take a toll on your back and attitude. You will be more prone to falling asleep when you are reclined.
  • A couch and foot stool is okay for taking breaks or getting inspired. However, never use it as your primary writing area.
  • Keep away from distracting things. Televisions are the root to procrastination. Instead, a small radio should be your substitute. Play tunes at a low and background noise level.
  • Have everything you need close by. Items like pen and paper, a dictionary etc. Instead of interrupting your work by looking for the items you may need they should be at arms length.
  • Adequate lighting and cooling. It makes absolutely no sense to have yourself locked in a dark room that is hot and uncomfortable. You will not enjoy being in your writing room for long periods of time.

Tip: Custom made shelving and desks can be very helpful in order to utilize as much space as possible. Make your home office comfortable. There is no need for it to be too posh and serious.


Not everyone will have a home office or room to convert into an office. I find the idea of a writing nook very fascinating. You do not require much space. Just enough to include a desk and chair and possibly integrate shelving for books.

  • Transform a nook or empty space of your home into a writing nook.
  • You will need a desk and chair and possibly shelving or drawers to store your supplies.
  • Keep your writing nook away from distractions like televisions and children. For work at home moms find an area of your home with the least kid traffic. If you have young children install a baby gate to prevent them from running amok near your work space.
  • Accessorise your work nook with flowers, sculptures, a wall calendar, clock etc

Tip: a writing nook can be a closet (see picture above), an empty space near a window, a patio or balcony or even unused space on your kitchen counter.


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