CloudCrowd Review: Legitimate Freelance Opportunity

(Warning this is a very  long and indepth post)

The most foremost thing on your mind right now is: Is CloudCrowd Legitimate? And my answer to that is: Yes. Read on for my full review of this freelance writing opportunity.

I popped into my professional email account the other day and I spotted a message sent from someone I didn’t recognize. I was about to click it to spam but thought against it. So I decided to read the message. It went like this,

Write Articles and Get Paid Daily

If you are looking for a legitimate article writing opportunity that pays daily (expect on the weekends), then visit the following link to sign up: You must have a facebook account to sign up at this site (create a new facebook account if you don’t want to use the existing one).

It is not a sale pitch so I will keep it simple. Just sign up with your facebook account and get paid for the work you do daily in your paypal account. You are paid up to $8 for a 400word article, $18 for a 350word press release and $0.90 for a 35-45word product review. For working at CC, you need to pass credential tests, which are quite easy.

All you need to do now is to join the site by clicking the link above which will prompt you to log in to your facebook profile. After you have signed up, just send me an email and I will provide all the info about passing the tests (this is important). I make $40-50 per day writing for this site and you can also do so.
It is free to join, no costs to you ever (not even paypal fees).
My readers know how skeptical I am about near everything but I decided to click through. I am glad I did. Honestly, this is legitimate, although my ‘new’ friend above sounds like he’s selling sunscreen to the jersey shore girls. Read on for my review of CloudCrowd.


A writing/content mill. BUT! And this is a big one. They pay very well considering the rates of other mills.


CloudCrowd is a Facebook application. Which I found very odd and almost did not go through with. As most of us know some Facebook applications tease and trick us into adding them and then we end up friendless because we have been hacked and spammed. But I decided to go all in. What happens is when you click the link CloudCrowd you will be redirected to Facebook and like all applications it will ask you to Allow it to collect your information etc. Go ahead, it is legitimate. Insert the information it asks you for and you are in.


To work at CloudCrowd you will need to pass tests. These tests are called Credentials. You will also have a Credibility number that starts at 40 and goes up. (You have both a rating and a number.) Here are some credential tests you can take: (I will add details to those I have done)

Writing and Editing

  • English Editor (edit a document of between 80-100 words into proper English)
  • German Editor
  • French Editor
  • General English Writer (write a document between 50-100 words on a given topic)
  • Resume Writer
  • Press Release Writer {Marketing Level}
  • Product Description Writer {Marketing Level}


  • English to Chinese
  • English to German
  • English to French
  • English to Spanish
  • Arabic to English

(They have other tests but as I am writing this post those sections are empty)

Alright, so here’s the rundown of how credentials work. Each assignment or project has a credential rating and a credibility number. For example: The project “Write a Business Article” will require you to have the credential rating of a General English Writer and the credibility number of 50. Everyone starts with a credibility number of 40. You are able to increase that number with your good work. Similarly, poor work decreases your credibility.

Credential tests can be approved or rejected.

If you fail the test, you will not be able to take that test again for one month. You may only take each credential test a maximum of four times.


To the important part. They have an Available Work screen that showcases what is available, its credibility, credential and its price. (as well as if there’s a bonus involved). These rates can and may change over time. I also do not know the lengths of these articles.  (Prices are in $US)

  • Business Article : $33.00
  • Health Article: $6.75
  • Write Press Release: $14.75
  • Write Web Ads $0.85
  • Find Mistakes $1.50

And there is more. Remember each of these tasks or projects will have its own credential and credibility rating. There are exceptions like Write Web Ads. This only requires you pass the English Writer General test.

(Update: after writing this post I took a couple screenshots which are at the end of the article which will best help you to understand this site)


Paypal. Your one and only option. I have been trying to stay away from Paypal work since my money gets stuck in there due to a lack of withdrawal options but the higher pay rates of CloudCrowd made me ignore that. THEY PAY EVERY DAY! No matter if its a cent or $100 bucks. I had 21 cents my first day and I was appalled to see a Paypal message saying I was paid 21 cents a couple hours later! Wow! They do not pay on weekends. But they have paid me without fail every week day. I mean, every…. week….. day.


I like the user interface of CloudCrowd. It is easy to find what you are looking for. You have your Home tab which outlines the money you’ve made, what is owed to you and what you’ve made for the month. It shows you all your submitted work and their statuses, whether approved or rejected. There is the Available Work tab and within that you can take Tests. Very quick, very useable. There is also a side tab that shows you your Earnings, Messages, History, Details etc.


I love CloudCrowd and its writer community. With the help of GetSatisfaction, CloudCrowd has a vast community of writers on one forum. You can ask questions and get answers, talk to fellow writers, complain, make suggestions. The whole nine yards. I love it. I love the communication.


The reviewers are made up of people like you and me. In fact, you are actually able to take up review work from the assignment/work board. This means that the work you submit is actually viewed and reviewed by other writers. And you will be able to review other people’s work (as long as you have the correct credentials and credibility rating).

The appeals process works like this. If you do not agree with a rejection you can appeal it. You state why, you press submit and some editor or someone of a higher rank reviews the rejection. However, you can only appeal one article at a time AND you have to wait 30 days before you can appeal another article. This is their response to this quite constricting rule.

While we appreciate that you may have several tasks you’d like to appeal at once, we’re carefully limiting appeals to allow everyone an opportunity to have their most pressing appeals addressed quickly.  In the meantime, the best revenge on an unfair review is to do a bunch of new tasks, get great evaluations on them, and watch your Credibility score rise.


The day I joined I went ahead and did the General Writer Test ( I have probably renamed this test about 5 times now but its the same thing). It took a little more than 2 weeks to get approved. Not much for speed. However, there were some cheap tasks on the board that only required 40 credibility which I had. They were approved within seconds. So it’s safe to assume tests will take a while. But I was actually able to do some low pay work until my credential test came back.

Let me warn everyone, CloudCrowd is no joke. They seek out top notch writers and they are not afraid to weed out the bad ones. Be consistent, submit only thoroughly proofread work. If you do not follow their explicit instructions they will not fear letting you go. My credibility rating had a bad crunch just the other day. Trust me, even the simplest of tasks can be rejected for the simplest mistake. And remember your rating goes up and down. If it goes down far enough they may cut you. There is one plus side to this however, CloudCrowd forces you to be a better writer. There are many content mills out there where I have submitted subpar work knowing full well they have editors to take care of it. Well, not at CloudCrowd, they require you do your best work each and every time. The better you work, the more “points” you receive and the more larger paying jobs are at your disposal.


Try out CloudCrowd, come back and let me know what you think by positing in the comments section below. If you have any job opportunities you would like to share go ahead. If I left something out, comment as well.

I know this has been a long and tedious post but I really want to outline every aspect of writing opportunities to my readers. There are many times when I have googled website reviews and gotten a couple of sentencces and some generic opinion. I want to know the down and dirty. The things writers want to know and I want to know details. Yes, I know they tell you to be concise and all but concise is not me.



UPDATE Sep. 14.11: after working at CloudCrowd and trying to improve my credibility I have long since decided keep them at arms length (or maybe more of a continent away). Why? Well I mentioned it before but only briefly. Their review system. The work you submit is reviewed by writers like you and me. You can also choose to do reviews as well. The problem is, a lot of my articles were rejected unfairly and mainly because reviewers had not read the updated article guidelines. Hence, I was rejected for reasons that had been debunked. The appeals system also does not work for writers because it only offers one appeal at a time. And if one of your appeals have been rejected you have to wait 30 days to send another. Suffice to say, CloudCrowd has its kinks and because of them my rating has plummetted. Mostly for unfair judgements on the part of the reviewer. Sometimes because I missed a capital or a period. And I am not kidding, one missed capital letter is grounds for a rejection. This I find very tasking especially coming from writing jobs that have editors. Anyways. That is my update. Enjoy.

Available Work Screenshot

Credential / Test Page


6 thoughts on “CloudCrowd Review: Legitimate Freelance Opportunity

    • I simply did it. The key is to have writing talent and to ensure you have followed their instructions to the letter. Check your spelling, your grammar and proofread until you are tired of it. CloudCrowd really is a difficult place to work for since their review system is headed by users and loaded with human error.

  1. I find slicethepie to be very nice to use ( It’s great for starting out if you haven’t written before as there is no risk if you do a bad job (Though you’ll get paid less)

    I recommend this site because of the aforementioned point. You basically review songs, and get paid anywhere up to $0.25 per track reviewed. It’s not the best pay, but if you are lacking credentials and want to build up in writing tasks for cloud crowd, it’s a brilliant start. There is a minimum payout of $10, but it’s through paypal and quite rapid (Within 5 working days). You could probably make that amount in 2-3 hours of intensive writing.

    The only criticism I would give it would be the low hourly rate, however it is far better than cloudcrowd for people starting out (Not people who are experienced writers though) and it’s guaranteed work, too.

    However, use cloudcrowd as soon as you get good and can pass the credentials. It’s far better pay for written work, just a lot harder to get into.

    • I tried Slicethepie for a couple hours. I agree, its a great starter. It does only pay a couple cents per review and each review has a minimum word count you must achieve before moving on to another track. It’s definitely not a source of income or pocket change but, like you said, great practice for the new freelancer.

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