Self Publishing: A How-To Guide (w/ links)

There are thousands of aspiring poets and writers in the world that operate on a low budget and may not have the funds required to publish their writing all on their own. Self publishing is the perfect way for authors who have never published any piece of writing before. It enables them to publish on a restricted budget, helps them to learn how to promote themselves and their work and also aids their credibility quite a bit. Below are a few tips which will help authors to find ways to self publish and see that it is successful.


There are various print on demand sites on the Internet today. Print on demand sites only print books when they are sold so writers will not have stacks of books sitting in a corner of a room aggregating debt. When a person orders a book, only one book is printed and shipped. They also take the responsibility of creating the book, storing the book and shipping the book off the writer. Some websites also offer various tools which help first time publishers such as cover design and editing. Others require a pdf upload.

Here are a few sites which may be of help to you:, &


It is important to research heavily before publishing a book. Regardless of genre this is an important first step. For instance, if writing a horror novel, take some time to research other books in this genre. Does your book stand out when compared with others? Are you bringing something new to the market? Market research enables writers to bring new life to their books. You may even find a novel that has very close similarities to yours and as such you may need to rework your writing to stand out in this dense market.

Check out the NY Times Bestseller List & the Amazon Book Marketplace


Some sites will offer a free ISBN while some do not. It is important to obtain an ISBN as this enables your work to be listed on Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces on the world wide web. Passing up the opportunity to be listed on this site can be a very bad decision.

Check out the U.S. ISBN Agency, International ISBN Agency & the ISBN Directory.


Design is important especially when it comes to the cover. First impressions are everything. For instance, a less than professional design will have people assuming its contents are not worth their time or money. Neither does a cover design need to be overly complicated. This is where further market research comes in handy. Take a look at top selling books and their designs to get an idea of what people love and hate. A consultation with a graphic artist will also be very helpful.

For great cover designs visit The Book Cover Archive


Not everyone can afford an editor. In situations like these distributing your finished work to friends and family will be better than editing it yourself. The best criticism comes from others.

Search for Book Editing Professionals


In closing, self publishing is not a complicated matter. There are many innovative and helpful sites on the Internet that make self publishing easier than we thought it would be. Check out the links mentioned above and happy writing.