Wallpapers for Writers 2

After posting a few fun wallpapers for all the writers out there a few weeks ago I decided to post a second set. So, enjoy. (click each image to download)


(not everyone loves coffee… so how about a cup of tea!)


tea 2

tea 3

2. NAP TIME!!!!

stop sleeping and get back to work!

cat sleeping on guitar

wish I was there





read a book(to view the first set of wallpapers, click here)


5 thoughts on “Wallpapers for Writers 2

  1. I love the “Stop Wasting Time” wallpaper! Maybe it’ll actually manage to keep my wandering mind on track. Scolding myself usually isn’t enough to get me to stop procrastinating, but maybe if my computer is yelling at me, I’ll be a little more apt to work.

    The clock and the hourglass ones are pretty amazing too. I think I might actually use the clock instead, just because I love the angle of it, and it has the same general nagging aspect.

    Thanks for the post, really cool pics!

    • I’m glad you like them! I tried to find some really cool pictures related to what writers who sit at home all day think about :). I especially love the hammock by the sea… Oh, how I wish I were there instead! 🙂

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