Word of the Week: Harangue

I’ve decided to begin posting a word each week. I am constantly trying to broaden my vocabulary so much so that I even attempted to read the entire dictionary, learning 5 new words a day. That quickly dwindled along with my interest. Many writers tend to use the same set of words over and over again. Although we may have a vast vocabulary there are a few words, terms and phrases that are on the forefront of our minds. We may not realize it but after writing 10 articles on massage therapy the other day, I realized pretty quick how much my vocabulary needed work.



noun \hə-ˈraŋ\

: a speech addressed to a public assembly
: a ranting speech or writing


  1. He delivered a long harangue about the evils of popular culture.
  2. <launched into a long harangue about poor customer service without realizing that I wasn’t even an employee!>


Middle French arenge, from Old Italian aringa, from aringare to speak in public, from aringo public assembly, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German hringring

First Known Use: circa 1533

Related Words

diatribe, tirade, jeremiad, philippic, rant
(source: Merriam-Webster)

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