Payoneer Review: Global Payments Made Easy

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I came across Payoneer after realising that PayPal was adamant at making it difficult for me to make physical contact with the money I earned while working freelance. I do not blame PayPal for restricting withdrawal methods for smaller countries but it does make it very hard for persons like me. I believe I learnt of Payoneer while looking for virtual credit cards online and instead came across a much better option. When I saw that Payoneer offers a payment option to global clients I had to sign up. Thus far, I have found it increasingly helpful and I really don;t know what I did before I had it.


Payoneer is a simple and powerful online payment distribution solution.

And that is pretty much it. What Payoneer does is distribute Debit Mastercards to payees all across the globe like me, where they are able to receive payments for work they have done. They have been in business since 2005 and have since enabled thousands of businesses to offer their workers, employees, suppliers and partners with compensation.


payoneer mastercardAs aforementioned, once you sign up with a company that offers payouts via Payoneer you will receive a physical prepaid (debit) MasterCard. It is mailed by the company once you sign up and arrives pretty fast. The Card itself is issued by Choice Bank LTD located in Belize City:

Payoneer is headquartered in New York City and employs over 100 experienced financial and technology professionals. We are a registered MasterCard Merchant Service Provider (MSP), and partner with Choice Bank Limited or First Covenant Bank to deliver our services. Privately held, our funding partners include Greylock Partners, Carmel Ventures, and Crossbar Capital.

I have had a Payoneer card for some months now, it works. I can use it as either a credit card or debit card whenever swiped. I have used it to withdraw money from ATMs, store purchases and online shopping.


There are quite a few companies that offer Payoneer as a payment solution: (here is a full list)

eCommerce Platforms

Freelancer Market

Direct Sales


You cannot apply for this Mastercard directly from the Payoneer website. You can, however, sign up with a company/partner that offers this payment option and then request a card (I signed up at Reviewme). Websites like the ones posted above offer Payoneer payouts. Once you sign up, the card is mailed to you. All you have to do is then activate the card and make it your payment option. Once you are paid by one of the companies above, money will appear on your card and can be used virtually anywhere.


Card activation – U.S. $5.00 Per card One time – when card is first loaded
Card activation – outside U.S. $10.00 Per card One time – when card is first loaded
Card activation – outside US – Listed Countries $24.95 Per card One time – when card is first loaded (Angola, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Saint tome and principle, Turkmenistan)
Loading Payments $2.00 Per load Each time card is loaded
Monthly card account maintenance $1.00 5+ trx/month From available card balance each month
Monthly card account maintenance $3.00 1-4 trx/month From available card balance each month
ATM Cash Withdrawals or Transactions
ATM withdrawal – U.S. $1.35 Per Trx When withdrawal is requested
ATM withdrawal – outside U.S. $2.75 * Per Trx When withdrawal is requested
Declined ATM withdrawal $1.00 Per Trx When withdrawal request is declined
Purchase Transaction Free * Per Trx When card is used for purchases


  • Card to card transfers
  • Load money to card options
  • Transaction history
  • Cannot be overdrawn
  • No bank account or credit check required

Visit the website to find out more.


23 thoughts on “Payoneer Review: Global Payments Made Easy

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  2. i have a payoneer card. I would like to know if i could transfer my money that i have in paypal account onto the payoneer card?

    also, does payoneer card allow you to use it online for gambling?


    • Unfortunately, Paypal doesn’t offer the option to transfer money to a payoneer card. But this is Jamaica I’m talking about. If you are not from Jamaica you will have to log into your Paypal account and see if you can Withdraw your funds to a credit card. If this is the case you can add your Payoneer card to your Paypal account and withdraw. Well, at least I think this is what happens. You can contact Paypal and Payoneer with this question as well.

      I don’t know about gambling. So Payoneer customer support may be more equipped to answer this question. 🙂

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  5. payoneer has become a scam, i was scammed $20.79 by i was asked to load my card which i did, then i was told that my funds was rejected and for the past several weeks the so-called which has become a scam company refused to refund my money back to my card for no obvious reason.they are nothing but thieves and a junkie scam company.

    • I’ve been using Payoneer for three years and I’ve never once been scammed by the company. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience but stating they are a scam based on just one incident is unfair. I recently received money from a company I work for in full through Payoneer. No issues.

      • Interesting rebuttal, author. Did that reply also come with the above review you were paid for? Haha, I digress.

        I do believe you should look into those numbers above though, they’re wrong.

      • I am NOT PAID by anyone or any company i’ve ever reviewed. In fact if i was being paid this website would be 1: frequently updated 2: paid for. I created this blog from off my couch in an attempt to help Caribbean Freelancers like myself find a way into the industry. This is most defintely not my source of income or pocket change. My intentions have never been to deceive, trick or lie. I’ve personally tried every website or product I’ve reviewed and if I find it unsatisfactory AT THAT TIME for any reason I will say so. And if it was good at the time I tried it then i’d have written a good review. When I wrote the review Payoneer was my saving grace. The one option I personally found that helped me get hands on my money. I am not a company drone sent here to sway you, i’m sorry to disappoint you.

    • payoneer never asks you money by mail and you are not to click a link in your mail, they instead ask you to go to your account, what is a scam is the rejected withdrawal fee

  6. Hi, I’m in a bit of a hurry and haven’t read all the posts, but I’ve been using a Payoneer card issued by Elance for about 3 or 4 years now, and I’ve never had a problem with them. I know that I won’t have access to all my funds because they’re running a business and they charge various fees, but it still worked for me when I was working through Elance full-time. I found a BNS ATM that issues USD and that made it even better as I was then able to change my USD at a cambio for a higher exchange rate than the ATM would have given me.

    And here’s a news flash: you can now access your PAYPAL funds through your Payoneer card! Yes! Yes!! I’ve tried it and it works!!!

    If you have a Payoneer card, go to their website, log in and look for the option called “U.S. Payment Service”. It allows you to set up a virtual U.S. bank account which is really your Payoneer account. I have linked my Payoneer account with my PayPal account and have transferred money from PayPal to my Payoneer card without any problems. They require you to send certain documents to them (including your government-issued I.D.) but having used Payoneer for so many years without a problem, I felt OK about doing that.

    I hope this helps.

    • Greendot also allows this in a much easier way, its a simple direct deposit. A routing and checking number, no IDs. And Greendot allows direct deposit from any employer, government agency, or compatible payment method.

      Paypal? Payoneer? You’re way behind!

      • I’ve never tried Greendot but if it is a better method to my money I am all for it. Payoneer and Paypal are simple two methods I personally know of. And I can only speak from experience. I’ve worked for/used the services/websites I review. A Greendot review may be upcoming.

  7. Hie,

    I dont like Payoneer because their staff seem to be confused and they are always giving conflicting statements.The stupid thing about Payoneer is that they want you to open a new card for each partner,meaning that if you are a member of Freelancer,ODesk and Infolinks,you will need to apply for 3 cards which are branded with the partner’s name and logo.They also take too long to reply to customer queries,after 5 days or so.

  8. I have been using payoneer for two or 3 years now and it is a great payment solution.

    Unfortunately, as they are growing their customer service seems to be lagging behind. It is taking longer and longer to get any kind of a response. At the moment I have been waiting 3 weeks to claim a payment and am finding it very hard to get any kind of a response or explanation.

  9. Hello Don Ali, are you referring to a BNS ATM in Jamaica? Which BNS allows you to withdraw funds in a foreign currency.
    FWJ – I’m concerned about the withdrawal limit. Is there a maximum you can withdraw at an ATM for each transaction? I have been using PayPal for just over a year now. I withdraw my freelancing funds once monthly by having it sent via snail mail to my physical address. This usually takes 4+ weeks for delivery. Plus PayPay checks cannot be cashed immediately. I have to deposit it to my US bank account and wait 35 business days before the funds are cleared and released. This is frustratingly long. Add to that one of my checks went missing in the mail a few months ago. It took me over 3 months to have the money redeposited to my account and of course I have to wait on it to be delivered via the same snail mail again. I would love to have an easier option that is as reasonable as PayPal but without all the frustrations. Given the sliding rate of the JMD I would also love to get my funds in USD rather than them being converted for me at the ATM.

    • Paypal just did the same thing to me, they refuse to put tracking on their snail mail checks and when one gets lost in the system they provide no information regarding when it was issued or mailed. They charge you USD$15 to cancel the check, and you then have to go through the whole snail mail process again.

  10. Payoneer is a joke. The cards barely ever scan properly, the customer service is almost non-existent, and they charge you $5 per deposit assuming you want your money when you load it (how unreasonable of a request). They seem a little over-excited to mandate a 2 day waiting period if you don’t want to pay the $5, but they’ll still take out $1 atfer more than a 48hr waiting period (~60). Per transaction. I guess Mastercard needs to pull this type of crap so they can further enable their unethical banking practices and collect interest on my money. I use Greendot, its 100x better. The more money you load on those, the less you pay. With Mastercard, the more you load, the more you pay. Excellent business plan, guys. I guess thats why you’ll never be accepted everywhere.

    I’d stay the hell away from this scam.

  11. Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too magnificent. I actually like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still take care of to keep it wise. I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is really a tremendous web site.

  12. Payonner exchange rate sucks for India,
    Maybe they will delete the topic so this is my post over there.


    I recently asked the payment from fiverr and got very less exchange rate and I asked them in support and got their reply as
    “The Global Bank Transfer fee in your local currency is $3 per transfer.
    The currency exchange rate is 2.75% above mid-market rate at payment transfer time.”
    Pretty unprofessional and they did not understand my query.

    That day exchange rate was 1 US Dollar = 61.94 Indian Rupee

    Payment Amount: $1041.00
    Transfer Fee: $3.00
    Amount Transferred: 55227.28 INR

    This is no where make near the exchange rate.

    $1041.00 – $3 = $1038
    55227.28/1038 makes 53.20 INR per US dollar?


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