London Brokers: Job Opportunity Review

london brokers

For anyone looking for legitimate and constant work then London Brokers is your destination.


London Brokers is an online publishing company which procures constant work from their steady stream of clients. Their website says:

We never run out of work.

And, by god, this is the truth. I signed up for London Brokers 2-3 months ago and their board has never been empty. There is always work at all hours of the day for writer’s to take.


The type of articles on the website vary from travel, recreation, business, finance, health, nutrition, eduction, pets, kids, music, home improvement and parenting, just to name a few.

They have regular articles that are 300, 400, 500, 750 and 1,000 words that each have their own worth.

They also have some hybrid articles that are titled UAW. You will need to write one article and the reword it twice. They make this very simply using their interface. Once you have written your first article you submit it to the Step-By-Step system. Once submitted your first article is broken into paragraphs where you are able to reword each paragraph directly on the site. I have got to say that this is a very effective way to do rewrites.

The also have HQ (high quality) articles which need to be written with absolutely no grammar or spelling mistakes. These articles usually take longer to write as writer’s need to ensure that the information contained within is relevant and to the point.

They also have Urgent articles (which can be applied to regular, UAW and HQ articles) which pay more and are due earlier.


One aspect I love about London Brokers are the due dates. For the most part, most articles are expected to be submitted between 24 – 71 hours. You will also be able to extend the due date by 24 hours if possible with just a click of the mouse.


London Broker’s payment rates are not the best. But for a company that offers constant work, writers are able to make a steady stream of income.

300 words = $2.00

400 words = $3.00

500 words = $3.50

750 words = $5.00

1,000 words = $6.50

They offer a 5% bonus for regular articles if submitted within 24 hours.  For Urgent articles, writers will make 10% more.

UAW articles payout more than regular articles.

UAW300 = $4.75

UAW400 = $5.25

UAW 500 = $6.00

(I have never seen UAWs that are 750-1000 words)


London Brokers pays in two ways, Paypal and Payoneer. For writer’s abroad with limited withdrawal options on Paypal may opt to be paid via their Payoneer card. (read my review of Payoneer here)

They pay absolutely every Friday without fail to any of the two aforementioned options. Payments are processed every Thursday and every Friday morning I wake up to money in my account.


London Brokers has really taken it to the next level when it comes to the way writers are able to organize their work and keep track of payments thanks to their interactive and effective UI.

Bulletin Board

For one, the BB (Bulletin Board) is always filled. Writers are able to select any articles they want and claim them. The BB is able to filter articles by their type, word count and due date.

Open Orders

Secondly, once the article has been selected it goes to your Open Order screen. This screen neatly organizes your articles. Once you have finished an article you can submit it using the ‘submit’ button. The Open Order screen also has a section for the hours remaining before your 5% bonus is up. Great for keeping an eye on getting that bonus.

Keyword Checker

There is one thing which I have never seen before, love and wish to note. London Brokers has an automatic keyword checker. When you write an article and check it, the system tells you what percentage of the keyword is in your article. Surprisingly it also tells you the percentage of constantly used phrases within your article. For instance, if the keyword is ‘types of cars’ it will tell you how often it is in your article (they often have a 1.5% limit). You may also have written ‘there are several’ in your article multiple times. The system will pick that up and tell you how often you have used that phrase throughout the article as well and encourage you to reword those instances so the article does not seem repetitive.

This I find to be very useful. You are better able to ensure that the articles you submit are not overladen with keywords or commonly used phrases which I do not see any other program doing.

Payment Report

London Brokers also keeps track of articles that have been approved and updates your outstanding payment. You are able to set a threshold of your liking (Payoneer requires a $20 threshold minimum). You can also export your payment report and see how much money you have earned since you begun.


For anyone that has read my past posts you will understand that I take communication very strongly for any freelance job I am in. Both the editor and customer service reps are constantly online, always super nice and very helpful. They are available for any issues you have, questions about an article, discussions etc. They are the main reason why I stick with the company.


  • You do not pay to write for London Brokers (you should never pay to work anywhere!)
  • You have to be a native English speaker to write. If you are from Asia for instance they may ask your to write a sample article before taking you on.
  • They have in-depth training videos for help with UAW type articles
  • You start off with a limit of 2 articles at a time and can increase that level once you pass 10 approved articles (I am currently doing 13 articles at one time)
  • Testimonials are available


I suggest you try out London Brokers. I, at first, was wary of the payment rates but at this point I am making a decent income working solely for this company. This site is the best option I have found due to the fact that other sites require writers to be U.S or Canadian citizens (Textbroker, Demand Studios etc).

If you or anyone needs additional information about London Brokers you can comment below.

(I have not been paid or compensated for writing this post. This is my honest opinion PLEASE NOTE: links to the london brokers website are refferal links. To sign up without that simple erase everything after .net)



I stil have a London Brokers account and get frequent emails  requesting I show some activity or it’ll be closed (although reopening the account is as easy as buttering bread). I’ve stopped writing there simply because it isn’t worth it. Regular articles are now nonexistent. Which means only UAWs are available. And why would I take on 3 rewrites  for 6$ when I could have done the same amount of work for double. Suffice it to say, I haven’t so much as squinted at them.

I keep the account open for one reason, affiliates. Now, I’m not an affiliate type gal. I don’t have millions of open accounts accumulating money from referrals. And thats the truth. London Brokers is THE ONLY ONE I TRIED WITH THAT FEATURE and the naive, dow eyed child in me prevents me from closting it completely thinking one day i’ll get a large deposit in my Paypal from these ‘referrals’. But alas. My affiliate count is at 47… I get emails now and again that say I had someone sign up using my link, but I haven’t received a cent in a very very long time so frankly, i’m disillusioned by the entire service and referrals in general.

I personally disliked referrals and being referred so *shrugs* to why I bothered. I don’t know if they are retaining that money for themselves but 47 referrals later i’m not so sure anymore.

Also, this happened: Dear Writer! We are discontinuing payments via Payoneer by next week. Last payment via Paynoeer will be this Friday (22-February-2013). (posted on the London Brokers writer site)


24 thoughts on “London Brokers: Job Opportunity Review

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  3. Sounds like a pretty good deal actually. Do you know if they allow anyone under eighteen to sign up and write for them?

  4. Hi! Was wondering if you still write for London Brokers, I started a couple of weeks ago and I never see more than a couple of articles on the Bulletin Board. Around the end of August, they said it was because it was holiday season… Now, I still barely see much work. How is your workflow?

    • Hey!

      My workflow is horrible! I do not do the UAWs because I don’t see the point of doing 3 rewrites for say $6 when 3 regular articles come up to $9 :S. So I am even in more of a bind seeing as regular articles are like the plague and only occur once in a blue moon. Their work load has definitely diminished. I did see the holiday notice but you are right. Since then… it hasn’t improved. I am on the look out for jobs, but…. none yet. Keep in touch and share your knowledge with me and my readers 🙂

      • I like this site and peruse it often. I’d just like to chime in about London Brokers. I’ve been writing there for several months. I echo the comments above. My overall income is low and I’ve been relying on the site for some cash. There’s been nothing on the board–only a few articles for many days. I’m not sure what to make of this. Are there that many authors writing there that everything gets snatched up immediately? Are clients ordering less work or turning away altogether? Hmm….

      • I have been experiencing the same thing. Articles are less and less each day. I checked it last night and nothing was on the board. I don’t know whether they are being gobbled up by other writers or their clients are AFK. No idea. I really do hope, however, that work becomes a constant once again because it is increasingly hard to find legitimate and constant work and reliable payment opportunities like London Brokers.

  5. On the BB at London Brokers, they are now indicating that they have too many writers writing for them. They’re working on a solution. I wonder if some will get dropped….

  6. I just signed up with them but there is NOTHING showing on the Bulletin Board at all! I’m not sure if there’s a problem or if there is no work available? Shame, as I was looking forward to getting started as this seems like an ideal way of making a bit of extra money for me.

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  8. I have had experience with this company and they are a complete scam. Read reviews of companies before you go with them. They pay extremely low. It is insulting to professional writers. Then even if you have had no revisions they block your account with a bogus notice that your quality of writing was not up to their standards. They even do this to writers who have NEVER completed an article through their site!
    I have seen other writers that this has happened to and LB refused to pay them money they legitimately owed.
    Their support personnel are rude and nasty.
    Your best bet is to stay away from the outfit. Go with a real content company like Content Authority or Text Brokers. Both have different levels that writers are awarded and their pay is based on that. I am on the highest levels for both sites and the pay is pretty good.
    If you are just starting out, LB can ruin you. Go with a real content company that will pay you and allow you to prove yourself and earn more money as you write more articles and become a better writer.
    Don’t waste your time with these scam artists.

  9. Hello! Someone in myy Myspace group shared this website with us so I came to check it out.

    I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting
    this to my followers! Fantastic blog and terrific style and design.

  10. London brokers support services are AWFUL since Richard Ramos took over the company. The pay is late all the time, the live chat staff dose not speak English, makes rude remarks and and hangs up on you and emails are never returned. You can NEVER get help or support as a writer and I can only imagine what the clients go through. Would not recommend it to ANYONE

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