Review of Writers JA/Katro Global: Jamaican Freelance Opportunity

cheap labour at its finest

(Warning: This is a very long post)

For those of my readers who live in Jamaica, I had come across a writing company not too long ago and subsequently signed up with them. The name of the company was Katro Global which has since been transferred/sold to Writers JA. I had a not so good experience with them. Here is a my brief opinion of this company.


Firstly, I would like to state that appearances are everything and as an individual who is constantly on the Internet there are some sites that do appear questionable. You all know what I mean: large yellow highlighted text, sensational words, never ending pages of testimonials and stock photography of some girl working at a computer.

Now lets take a look at WritersJA which immediately looks like one of those ‘amazing opportunity’, ‘make $1000 an hour’ type sites. Not only does it look sketchy, but it is an eye soar. I think, if I had come across this website when it looked like this I would have turned right back around. In this day and age, I don’t expect any website to look like it would have 15 years ago when this design was current.

You are greeted by a very bold, large and red text stating,

“Find the freelance work you like,apply and make money!”.

The fact that there isn’t a space between like, and apply makes my eyes twitch. But thats a simply error. I have probably written worse.

When it comes to the approach of this company I just had to laugh. They chose the ‘ooo pretty colors’ template instead of the ‘legitimate writing opportunity with professional design’ template. Maybe the latter was too expensive.

I also did not like the design of their project board. It was not very user friendly. And this is coming from a writer who has probably seen it all.


As a writer who lives in Jamaica I am constantly trying to find methods of being paid quickly and easily. Paypal does not offer Jamaican customers the same methods of withdrawal as they do elsewhere in the world. In fact, they only offer two methods of withdrawal: U.S bank deposit and cheque. So once I came upon Katro Global which deposits all money earned into a JN Jamaican bank account at the end of the month that was its main selling point for me.


There are several aspects of this business I was not very fond of. And as a full-time and professional freelancer for 3 years now I have learnt to be choosy and not sacrifice my talent for crappy companies.

For one, they payout JA$300 (US$3.60) per 500 words. Now, most of my freelance writer friends are gasping and choking for air at this point. Why would anyone want to work for a ‘reputable’ company that paid crap money? I did, for two months, before I realized that my talents were literally being abused by this business.

UPDATE: I have been told that once working there you will have the opportunity to climb your ranks as a employee and thus earn more money. “We have writers who make $1000 on featured posts”.

Secondly, they had almost no work on most days. It dawned on me, after attempting to do at least 10 articles a day for them that there were some days when I could do not one. For any writer who signs on to work for a writing mill, the least they would expect is constant work. If this had been the case I could have overlooked the cheap pay. But for the most part, Writers JA was always empty.

UPDATE: I have been told from a reliable source that “since January the site has been updated with assignments in batches of 100-200 every 2 days”.

Thirdly, there was a major lack of communication with writers. Let me expound on this point, for a company based in Jamaica you would expect to be able to reach the editor or a representative during working hours. The fact was that I would send a query at 9 in the morning on an article due by 6 and not receive a response until almost 8 that night. This is simply, unacceptable.

CORRECTION: Articles have a 24 hour deadline. At one point however they were due the same day. So above, I speak of those times.

I expect there to be a workable timeline when it comes to customer care. Other sites I have been on have a representative and writer’s aid online and waiting to answer your queries in a ‘real-time’ manner. I would simple click a button for support and be able to speak with someone re: an assignment right then and there. With WritersJA, I send an email and sit and wait for hours to get a response.

UPDATE: I have been told by a reliable source that “WJA now has a writer rep that is available via chat and email”.

Next, I was not fond of how the company spoke with me and with their other writers. I am a pleasant and professional writer. I may be sarcastic once or twice but I am never one to reprimand someone or let my temper get the best of me. As a freelancer I am not directly hired by any company. I am simply a floating mass of words who does a job here or there and moves on. I don’t make a monthly salary. I make what I work towards. WritersJA had an ownership aura about them which made me uncomfortable.

I received a mass email one day from the company, apparently reprimanding some writers for their lack of submitting work on time. I would be frustrated too if I were them, but I would definitely not write the email below:

It is becoming abundantly clear that for SOME writers this post is not taken seriously and in light of that we are going to be making some drastic changes.

Everyone is asked to notify us if and when they are unable to meet their deadlines, SOME of you completely ignore this stipulation. This is UNACCEPTABLE!   (Excerpt of an email sent on Nov. 9. 10)

Not only was the business unprofessional it was constantly on its period. While I understand their frustration, I really do not think it is professional to use all caps (as if you were yelling). This bothered me greatly to see a company speaking with their writers in this fashion. This could have been done in a more professional manner.


I recently received a call from a woman stating she was from Katro Global. I found this odd because I thought the company had been sold and was now in the hands of a new owner and thus new name. I asked her if that was correct and she immediately corrected herself. She then went on to tell me that she had noticed that I had been inactive for some time and may risk losing my account.

Apparently, the company had hired a sort of collection agent. While speaking with her, I was thinking, “Wow, now I get to give feedback to them and receive some answers!”. Nope, never happened. I recounted  my issues with her:

  • No work when I sign in (and at that point I signed in every other day)
  • No communication or the lack of it
  • No email notifications of new work posted (Update: there is a mailing list now that provides writers with notifications)

In my eyes, I was very active, I was more than active. I signed in every other day to see if there was any work I could do. So I asked her, if inactivity was measured by visits/logins to the site, or was it measured by writer’s who acquired work on a regular basis? To me, I could not be the latter because the board was always empty when I did sign in.

She simply had nothing to say, other than she doesn’t know, and I should contact the company via email. In essence, she was only a messenger. Although she did tell me her name and said she were calling from a debunked company. I simply had zero patience to send an email that I would not receive a response for until later that night. I emailed the company and requested my account be closed. Then went on to filter any emails sent from them straight to ‘trash’.


Writer’s JA is more geared towards students who are looking for a helping hand. But is open to full-timers like myself.

My opinion is that, you can always go see for yourself. You have the choice to apply and work and possibly make a very good income. But based on my own experiences I cannot tell if that is possible and I suggest you also find other jobs in the process.

There are many more opportunities online for freelance writers who do not live in the U.S or in Europe. Yes, there are ways one can make money living in Jamaica. While payment methods may irk most I will also pay close attention to this in future posts. The only thing going for WritersJa was its payment method, which was deposits made to a Jamaican Bank at the end of every month. They never failed at this. However, the talents of freelance writers demands more than chump change.

In terms of part-time work, I would give WritersJA a chance.


39 thoughts on “Review of Writers JA/Katro Global: Jamaican Freelance Opportunity

  1. I was an editor with them for a month. One day I discovered I couldn’t log on any at all, emailed them and got no response and then I simply forgot about them. Fast forward some months later, I got a call saying I was inactive. I explained my issues, and contacted them via email, and no response. I did this again a week later via google chat and on their new website, all to no avail. My issues were that they also don’t communicate and I am not even sure if I was paid for that month because I received no email from them saying the payment was lodged.

  2. Hi,

    I have been writing with these guys for nearly two years now and I don’t agree with you. I have been able to earn over $25000 a month most months, for me that is a big plus. This is just part time work for me. My friend was hired as an editor and while the emails may not be the most professional, I understand their frustration.Writers shouldn’t be ignoring instructions given over and over. I am not offended nor do I feel talked down to, some of us are too uptight. Whenever I have a problem I can email them and someone will always reply to help. They even call from time to time to get some feedback from us. The training area they provide is a big plus also.

    I was assigned a writer rep that I can talk to on gchat daily and email if I have issues I don’t want to discuss with mgmt

    I am paid every month on time and my correct amount! You never mentioned that in your advantages.

    Only a few times I can remember not having any work, since January work has been consistent. We were told from the get go that work would not be guaranteed.

    Also, $300 is the base rate, I am paid $500 for a lot of my articles. You are complaining about the rate yet you are sending us to a site that pay less per 500 words and pays through paypal and payoneer which both take a cut from how much you earn and a payoneer card takes over a month to reach Jamaica. Are you earning a commision on referrals?
    What I earn at Writersja is paid in full to my bank account every month on time.

    As a satisfied worker at Writersja I am very upset that you chose to put the company in a negative light like this and would deter other persons like myself from a legitimate opportunity that allows us to earn extra money.

    I look forward to hear your reply..
    Nekisha Mullings

    • Hi,

      Glad you commented on this post. I’ve been waiting on someone with a good experience to come here. I will reply to all your points with MY experience. Our experiences with this company obviously differ and its good for my readers to see both sides. Yes, I am biased because I believe I was treated unfairly.

      Firstly, I have worked for many other writing mills and also private clients. I am not sure if you have as well. But as a result of this, I do judge newer companies very harshly and hold them up against those who have been hiring writers for many many years. As a result, Writer’s JA is not even remotely operating as a great company or treating their writers with respect. I find this is the case for many companies in Jamaica, they tend to talk down to workers.

      Alright so, you are freelancing part-time. As a full-time freelancer darling, no one can live on $25,000. Think about if your day job were paying $25,000 a month. I doubt you would be able to live. So coming from a full-time freelancer, who sits at home and does this all day, that will surely not suffice.

      Next, my emails were never answered until 9-10 in the night. Never. Yours may have been answered promptly, but mine were never. My editor was apparently a vampire. I have never been contacted via phone by the company until some random collection agent told me I was inactive. They never called me, and my phone number was posted.

      Thirdly, there is no reason for any company to speak to their workers in an informal manner. I did say I understood their frustration. But just because you are frustrated doesn’t mean you through ethics through the window. I stand by this. I hire writers as well and I’ve never spoken to them in that way. I am kind but stern but I’ve never yelled at any of them.

      Yes, they paid me on the 25th in my JN account. Thanks for reminding me of that.

      Work was never consistent. Again, I am used to logging in in the morning and seeing over 200 articles waiting to be picked up at other companies. As they are taken, the batch is replenished. At Writer’s JA, if they even had work that day, it would be 20 articles, once those were gone, days would pass, sometimes weeks before I saw another batch appear. Coming from someone who works for other mills and private clients, Writer’s JA doesn’t cut it. But for you, I am sure they are the best thing ever.

      PayPal does NOT charge you for their services. Payoneer however does, Payoneer charges $3 to load your card and a $10 one time fee. But JN does charge as well. JN requires a $500 one time fee and charges for swipes and ATM withdrawals if you do not use a JN ATM. Correct me if I am wrong. I think they also have monthly charges. As most Jamaican banks do this.

      My Payoneer card arrived in two weeks, so did a friend of mines. My boyfriend’s card took one week to arrive. Your one month long wait was clearly an isolated event.

      Payoneer also offers me other advantages. JN is a debit card that only works in Jamaica. Payoneer is a debit Mastercard that I can use in any country across the world, if needs be, I can purchase items online, I can also pay my bills online as the card also acts as a credit card, as long as the funds are available. My relatives abroad can also load my card with money free of cost, and I can also transfer money from one card to the next. Payoneer is a payment solution where multiple freelance sites issue your earned cash to your card. It takes an hour at most to update. I currently have Payoneer as my payment solution for over 5 freelance sites.

      Lastly, the purpose of a review, if you are not aware, is to outline both the negatives and positives of products, websites, business opportunities etc, for individuals who want to know. This isn’t a personal stab against the company. It is my experience with them. I am neither wrong nor right.

  3. As a full-time freelancer I require higher paying jobs. I do this all day, almost every day. My bills and rent rely on this. Because of this, I am unable to work for a ‘whopping’ $25K a month.

    While they work for you, they most surely will not work for me and other full-timers. This blog will hopefully outline other job opportunities. All having their own advantages and disadvantages.


  4. So many incorrect facts that you keep reiterating,Paypal does charge PER TRANSACTION and payoneer charges $2.15 per withdrawal.

    I earn that part-time yet you translate that figure to a full time income in your attempt to further discredit the company, yet you try to play this off as a honest review. You say work was never consistent and 20 articles were added, yet I can say most times over 200 articles are added and quickly replenished. Right now, there are over 100 articles in the system…

    Your snide comments are not lost in the myriad of euphemisms. I am sure you were a model freelancer with Writersja while they were nothing but awful to you.

    I know no one from the admin staff will respond to your review, lucky for you….

    You clearly just love to hear yourself chat! This is your blog and you are free to voice your opinion.

    • Oh dear Lord. I don’t think you are reading correctly but let me repeat this in all caps.


      I also went on to say that your experience obviously differs. It is like working in an office. One worker will absolutely hate the job while another will love it. Their experiences will differ because of how they view their situations.

      Our situations differs greatly. You work part time and I work full time. This makes both our views on the income possibility RELATIVE. So while you are content with 25K I cannot live on it.

      And again, because of this relativity, neither you or I are wrong or right. It is how the situation is viewed.

      It’s like I was talking to a wall apparently and you picked and chose what you wanted from my reply. So let me reiterate the main points.

      1: When I signed on (not when you did) I saw up to 20 posts. I, me…. if you didn’t catch my drift. When those posts were taken, days would pass b4 it was replenished.

      2: Paypal DOES NOT charge me. I use Paypal to purchase items online. I am not charged for that. If I even am, they are sneaky bastards. You may be using Paypal to do something else… where they do charge. Do you see the relativity thing coming in here?

      3:I did say Payoneer charges. I have also written a Payoneer review where I have outlined all these charges. Your point of me leaving that out makes no sense. Read the review.

      And lastly, this is a review based on ONE persons experience and not on many. This is why I SUGGESTED you and other readers go read a few others.

      I also have a DISCLAIMER, if you didn’t know. That says I don’t know it all.

      For anyone that knows me personally knows I believe that everything is relative in life. There are no wrongs or rights.

      i believe I answered all your questions minus my usual snide. And I answered them to the best of MY ability. The fact that you disagree is beyond me. I could care less. The fact that I DID NOT delete your first comment must mean I am NOT against alternative opinions to mine.

      The admin staff of WritersJA is welcome to outline why their business works for freelancers. Again, I am not against alternative opinions. I am all for them. Hence the comment boxes. My readers will be able to see both sides and draw their own conclusions.

      What grinds my gears is people like you, who ride up in a cloud of piss ass. Your initial comment was laced with some sort of anger. I did a couple of woosahs and replied. I even edited a couple of times because although I do not know you, I’m not one to instigate some ridiculous type of net beef. It’s juvenile.

      What I am going to say now is after another round of editing. You spoke and corrected me on some matters. I have went ahead and edited the actual WritersJA post. Then I spoke and outlined some things to you such as the Payoneer card not being of the Devil, there are better paying opportunities, you just have to look, and this is only a review.

      So, here is my last bit of advice. I could have deleted your comment and looked the other way but I did not. I am a pleasant individual. I do not feel challenged if you believe differently. Because no one thinks the same. I expect you, as an adult I assume, and a civilized person to keep the discussion as a discussion. Your comment about me liking to hear myself chat makes absolutely no sense. I cannot hear myself. This is text. But nonetheless, I do not appreciate it and any further comments by you will be deleted.

    • After reading all these comments, I have to conclude that you are being rather unfair to the author. And I think you are well aware of it, hence the somewhat irrational, circular logic that brought you to summing up at the end of your last comment: “This is your blog and you are free to voice your opinion.” Hence, you’ve defeated your own argument.

      Yes, it is. Quite obviously, she is free to voice her opinion, and her review was her opinion… so unless you were in her exact same shoes with the exact same experiences in the exact same moments doing the exact same things, you hardly have any right to chastise her for her own experience. And it would be also be stupid to castigate and reprimand her for bringing to light her bad experience since we live in a free market society, where we have the right to chose and review services based on the amount of positive/negative reviews they obtain. No matter how great a company is, they will have at least a few bad reviews, it is a fact, whether it is by some dumb, ineffective clerk we’ve had to put up with… getting rid of them is just one bad review away.
      It is good that you had a great and wonderful experience however, but that does not mean that it will be the same for every single living soul who has interacted with the service you defend. You seem like the type of person that if someone calls the number at the back of a bus to complain about the driver’s driving, you would castigate them because you have always, ALWAYS had good experience on them.

      And it’s fine to disagree with someone, but the rhetoric in your argument leaves much to be desired of your character, RE your derisiveness and “euphemistic” tone toward the author. She does this for a living as she stated, I don’t know what you do, but surely coming unto her blog and telling her that last statement, along with your gruff tone, is a disrespect to her work and her lively hood. Not cool. I don’t know you but you’ve already created a representation of yourself that leaves much to be desired… not that you would care anyways, since people get brave on the internet.

  5. I have since had a very lovely and decent conversation with the big Boss. I alerted her that I had someone, Nikesha, comment on my blog who was just downright rude. And that was the ONLY reason I did not correct or update my post initially. I was not about to edit a thing while being told I liked to hear myself chat.

    I was never initially disagreeable with her and neither was she. But her second reply had me change my mind entirely and I left the post as is. There is no reason for me to submit to someone who insults me or my opinion.

    However, I was contacted by the owner, I think. Who understood the meaning of conversation, debate and respect. We spoke kindly to each other, talked about my issues and hers and then I went ahead and posted several updates and corrections to my post.

    This only goes to show that being kind helps. Being an outright disgust does not get anyone anywhere.

  6. Hi do you use skype my id is otis.morgan I’m a Jamaica who has been freelancing over a year now would love to talk with you this is a great blog.

    keep doing your thing

  7. will one of you girls take time out from your lively “discussion” to point me in the direction of some decent writing work? please? thanks. i’d be willing to join a team if the price is right too.

    • I have not come upon anything worth mentioning. And trust me, I have been looking. My posts have dwindled simply because of this. But be assured that once I do find something legitimate I will be reviewing the opportunity here.

  8. incidentally, you need not be so harsh in your criticisms as you leave yourself open to a few in the process. i found more than a few mistakes in here such as a word in this sentence…………..”Not only does it look sketchy, but it is an eye soar. “

    • I do not recall criticizing another person’s/company’s writing or grammar. I do, however, recall giving my opinion about a freelance writing opportunity. I gave my opinions of the small mistake on the front page of their site.

      My blog is not something I pulled together as a means to criticize and debase people or companies. You will in fact find many other blogs like mine that are harsher. I am simply giving my opinion based on my experiences. The error irked me and I am not saying one cannot be made. No one or company is perfect. But in addition to the website’s ‘god awful’ design template the error stood out more so to me.

      I have a disclaimer which speaks on the matter of my occasional misspellings and the like. I suggest you read the entirety of this blog to understand that a few spelling or grammar mistakes on my part are unintentional and probably the result of a long day of actual freelance writing. Unlike the companies I review, I have no editors at my disposal.

      I see my mistake and thank you for pointing it out.

  9. an opinion can be a criticism darling and you have criticized the website via your opinions. nothing wrong with that. don’t you take every criticism personal. if it is valid address it, if it is not then ignore it.

  10. Hey, a question totally off the topic. Can you tell me if you use your payoneer card here in Jamaica. If so:
    How much on average is the conversion rate?
    Can you withdraw funds in USD?
    What is the maximum you can withdraw from the ATM at one time?
    Is your Payoneer card accepted at all point of sale ventures?

    The answers to the questions will be greatly appreciated. Finding your website is a breath of fresh air for an international writer.

    • I have a Payoneer card in Jamaica, yes. In fact, Payoneer works in almost every country. It is a Debit Mastercard. So it will work wherever Mastercard is accepted.

      Not sure about the conversion rate. But I recently had US$19 and got a grand JA from the ATM. :S

      I’m also not sure about withdrawing funds in US. I always just go to a random ATM and it never gives me a currency option. However, I think ATMS at banks may offer that option.

      I am also not sure about the maximum. I will have to go check for you.

      And yes, The Payoneer card is accepted at all P.O.S locations, wherever Mastercard is accepted. I wrote an article on Payoneer as well.

      Thank you for liking and reading my blog. I hope to be adding more posts targeted to writers in JA like me.

      • Thank you for the swift response. I look forward to seeing what other information that you can dig up to help me and other like myself. Good work.

      • Ah no problem. If there’s anything you want me to review or something you have seen online and want me to try first. I will be happy to. Also if there is anything you may want to know about re: writing… let me know and I will dedicate an entire post to your question.

  11. Hi
    I’ve also been freelancing in Jamaica for a while.I think your blog is most inspiring and informational. I signed up for Londonbrokers after reading your about it here. I’m still waiting on my payoneer card so I can get paid.

    I had signed up and was writing for KatroGlobal/Writers JA for over a year and I sort of agree with you on some criticisms especially the coarse tone of the emails. At this point though I’m concerned as there has been no activity on their board for months now. I tried contacting them by email and got a failure message saying that their inbox was full.

    To the other poster who seems to be a regular with them- could you tell me what is happening? Has writersja gone out of business? or have I been terminated? Oh I should add that they owe me a little money right now. I was not paid the last payment because they do not pay out less than 3000 dollars.

  12. Hey have you ever been paid late by London Brokers. I did not receive payment even though my total was above the threshold and now I am having trouble loggin in to the website.

  13. I just emailed them regarding a matter like that. I signed up and didn’t have a payoneer card until a few months after so I had some funds accumulated. When I got my payoneer account they sent one payment of 20 dollars. I assume this was to allow the card to be activated. Payoneer took their charges and left me with 2 dollars and some cents. They have not sent any payments since.

    I figured that the problem had to do with me being a new writer so I emailed accounts and was told to set my threshold above 20 dollars. I responded by explaining that I had already done that. I was told to email them after payment this week to get it sorted out. I really hope it gets sorted out soon as I am yet to be paid for work I did late last year to January this year. This lateness kinda makes me not wanna write any more. Have you sent a querry to them via the ‘accounts’ email?

    • To: Writerthevoice & literist: I’ve never not been paid for work from London Brokers unless my payments were under $20. I can’t speak to missing payments because I have never had that problem. I hope once they are emailed this can be sorted quickly. Please let me know if your issues are sorted. You can also send an email to to see if you get a quicker response. Please let me know. -FWJ

  14. Gonna check it out right now. By the way I got feedback from londonbrokers that they would credit my account asap two days ago. I got paid today but only for this week’s oustanding amount. I’m still waiting on the two older amounts. Hoping to get them soon.

    • Hi there,
      Just wanted to let you know that I just sent off an email to It’s been just about two weeks since I was promised the money would be sent and I still have not received it. This is really frustrating. One of the things I hear ioften about Londonbrokers is that they pay on time and that their writer support is excellent. I really appreciate the job opportunity but I am disheartened by this delayed payment. I’m just hoping now thatthe ceo will respond soon.

      • Hey literist, I’m really annoyed to hear about your predicament. It seems they may be lagging on their payments. I haven’t written for them in a while so I have no idea how their payments are going nowadays. I hope the email will be answered quickly and the problem rectified. Please keep us up to date.

  15. Thanks for the empathy. I will definitely keep you updated. I have been scouring the net for complaints of this nature about Londonbrokers and I have found a few. I wonder what happened in the case of writerthevoice. Many of those who complained also said that their accounts were closed .It sort of implied that the closing of accounts was a ploy to not pay.

    For now, I’m going to continue assuming that it’s just a flaw in the system that will be fixed soon.

  16. Update,
    I emailed them again today. They asked for the unpaid weeks again. The money was loaded to my account today with sincere apologies for the delay. I am relieved. I should note also that I am paid every week on time. It is just the outsanding money that was in my account before I got the payoneer card that was not paid.

  17. Hi!
    I came across this blog and find it extremely informative after having applied to Katro Global. I never received a reply to my application but it has always rested on my mind that I had sent out so much personal information to a company that I am not sure even exists. I am an aspiring freelance writer but I’m not sure which route to take to break into the business. Any tips?

    • I know the company exists, Karla. Since I wrote for it for some time. What I don’t know its what its been up to and whether it is still active or not. But I did have the owners Skype info at one point and if I get in touch with her I will let her know your concern.

      As for starting in this freelance business. It’s rather hard. In fact, its really difficult. Freelancing means now you don’t make a salary but you literally work for your money. I cannot tell you how to break into the business but I can share with you what I did. I had seen an ad in the local paper and began working with a team of writers. Next I moved on to content mills like Katro, EmergingCast and London Brokers (just to name a few).

      My opinion is to get into a team. Or begin looking for direct work using Freelance and Elance and websites of that sort. It will be hard at first to actually get a job using these services but as long as you keep your grade up you will be able to get more and more work easily.

      And most importantly. State your price. Never do these, $1 for 500 word things you see online. And NEVER PAY TO WRITE FOR A COMPANY! Know your worth and try and get jobs that will help you pay your bills and not tire you out in the process. I hope this helps and feel free to ask me anything else.

      Also, If you come across an opportunity that looks iffy to you.. just send it to me. I will take a look at it and review the site for you. So your email, unlike mine, can stay void of spam. 🙂

    • Starting can be done by googling freelance writing gigs. You can also bid for and acquire jobs on sites such as Freelancer and Odesk, just to name a few. There are also content writing mills, some of which I have reviewed here, but do not pay very well, although work is constant. Find out what type of writing you wish to do and how much you wish to make and vie for jobs that will fulfill that need. Post again if you need more help. 🙂

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