How to Achieve Your Goals and Make Money Writing Freelance

I have had weeks where I didn’t do much work. This happens on some days when both my mind and my body is severely exhausted. There are even days when typing is physically painful. This could  merely be my exhaustion manifesting itself into physical ailments or it could just be me being incredibly lazy. Who knows? But as a freelance writer there is a goal that I have set for myself based on what I need to survive week by week or month by month. So how do you achieve these goals without overworking yourself?


Every freelancer has their goals written down. Or I should say should have their goals written down. For those who work full-time having a clear outline of your goals is a priority.

  • Begin with the amount of money you can easily make in a week (easy), one that is sort of a stretch (medium) and another that is a stretch (hard).
  • Each number will then have to be divided by the amount of days you work. If you work 5 days a week then divide your goal with this number. The result will be the amount of articles needed each week to achieve each goal.
  •  Lastly, divide that number by the price of each article. The last amount will be the number of article you will need to do each day to achieve each goal.

Example: Goal: $200 a week / 5 days of work = 40 articles per week. 40 articles / $5 per article = 8 articles per day

Therefore if you were to write 8 articles at $5 per article each day for 5 days you will make $200 at the end of the week.


Now you have a clear outline of how much money you need to make each week. But why do we have three goals instead of just one? The point of having easy, medium and hard goals is to help inspire you to earn more even after hitting your easy goal each day. The real goal is the medium. You will always need to stretch your abilities in order to survice. Once you hit your easy goal push on to your medium. This process helps you to push yourself to start earning more money when working from home.

  • Write down how many hours you want to work each day.
  • Leave time for lunch or a break.
  • Spread the amount of articles you need to write across the hours you work.

Example: If you need to write 8 articles to meet your  goal and you work for 8 hours, spend the first 3.5 hours doing 4 articles, take an hour break and spend the other 3.5 hours doing the last 4.


There will however be some days when work is the last thing on your mind. It is important to always push yourself to work especially for full-time freelancers who rely on the money they make each week or month. When plans have changed this is where your easy goal comes in. If for any reason you are unable to work then your target goal now becomes the easy goal. This goal is ‘easy’ to achieve and will still allow you to make money for the week.


And there you have it, my personal route to success. Please post your route to success in the comments below and if you find any errors or anything you would like to add to make my plan more full proof then go ahead and share.


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