Emerging Cast: Content Mill Review

Emerging Cast has always been a topic of debate amongst freelancers as to its legitimacy. I had previously worked at this mill and can attest to its authenticity. Emerging Cast ‘hires’ freelancers to provide written content/how-to articles. These articles are then passed on to other freelancers where they are turned into videos. As a result, persons are able to apply as writers, voice over professionals and video professionals. I have only applied to be a writer so I have absolutely no clue of the rates paid for other positions.


As a writer you are presented with a list of possibly hundreds of topics. Here is a brief run down of the work:

Position: Writer (other available positions include translators {english to spanish and vice versa} voice over and film maker)

Pay Rate: $1 to $2

Word Limit: min 250 words (max 500 words)


  • Introduction
  • You Will Need
  • Getting Started (Step 0)
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Fun Fact

Getting Started to Step 3 includes optional additional entries (Tip, Don’t Forget and Warning)

Time Line: 10 days to complete 1 article (no consequences if rejected or sent back)

Review Period: 10 days for review by editors. If rejected with the opportunity to edit you will receive 10 more days.


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I worked for Emerging Cast very early in my career where $1 – $2 was sufficient. There is no way I can work for them now and make a substantial income. However, for those who are looking for something quick and easy to supplement their income then this company may work.

So, down to the important question:


When I first applied for them they stated the option of payments being deposited to a debit card, I assumed this to be a Payoneer card. If you are a freelancer and you have no clue about Payoneer, I suggest you go take a look. However, when I had applied, this option was not available. Speaking with customer service they stated this option wasn’t ready as yet. They do deposit money to Paypal, writers will need to have a threshold of at least $50 before this is done. Also:

Note: Our current payment policy is to process payments on a monthly basis between the 1st and 5th day of each month, for all payments request submitted in the prior month.

And to the last question: Do they pay? Yes.

click the image to see it full size


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