The Life of a Full-Time Freelancer

There are hundreds, if not thousands of advertisements on the Internet promoting work at home jobs. Before I lost my job two years ago, I delved into this world, half expecting it to be one of those elaborate scams I often come across. I was, by nature, highly skeptical of overly reassuring statements. Most of the sites I stumbled upon were preaching high incomes of $400 and more. In my eyes, this large and brightly coloured text, was lieing to me. Simply because it was too good to be true.


Frankly, I initially needed something to fill the time and to supplement my already laughable income at the Art store I worked. I had a lot of time on my hands. I began freelancing in content mills. Little did I know they were the spawn of the devil. But one of my first jobs was at Emerging Cast. I would balance that and my other jobs intently, hoping to make that $400 and more a week like the Internet told me. *scoff*

I also signed up on freelance sites such as Elance and GAF (, but was never able to, or had the patience to vie or bid for work. My laziness would kick in. I realised that content mills had ruined my attitude towards work. I was now used to being provided work freely, without having to vie each time for it. It did cross my mind the pay rate. I wasn’t dumb, just lazy. Content mills provided work regularly, but at a substantially low rate. If I had taken more time to bid/vie for work I would have probably been paid 4 to 5 times more.

I don’t hate content mills, but I do believe they should be regarded as choices you leave for last. I often wake up in the morning and check my clients. IF and only if work is slow that day, I turn to a mill just so I have actually made something rather than nothing.

Nowadays, I work full-time freelancing, constantly trying to get more and more jobs and raise my weekly/monthly income. I think for all freelancers, work comes and goes, and I’m sure, like me, many are tired of looking.


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