The Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Mills

I have been working for content mills for some time. I should say for the majority of my 2 year freelance career. AND I don’t hate it! Some may be reading this post and wondering what madness is spewing forth from my fingers and if I was commissioned by one of these mills to speak positively for them. The answer is, no.

Now, you are probably thinking I am insane. What, if I am not being paid then why make such an absurd statement? I will tell you why.


Firstly, what is a content mill? According to

A content mill or writers mill is a slang term used by freelance writers and given to a company, website or organization designed to provide cheap website content, usually at a significant profit to themselves, and usually by paying very low rates to writers.

Content Mills like all other things will have its advantages and disadvantages. I feel, that in my line of work, my hours and my patience, content mills factor in perfectly. Let me explain further. Fresh out of high school I began writing, whether it was my poetry, my unfinished novel, or for something abstract. I haven’t been to college to study whatever it is you study for writing. Frankly, I think I’m damn good at it anyway. But besides that, when I began freelancing I needed to find work that was constant and I needed to do this very quickly. This is where content mills came about.


  • Work is almost always constant
  • Allows you to exercise your writing skills
  • Allows writers to gain more experience writing about a wide variety of topics
  • Pays monthly or weekly


  • Lower pay rate vs direct client:freelancer jobs
  • Lowers the standard of pay for writers


Now, I may be missing a few points, granted it is really late, so I am sure my readers can fill me in. Obviously, no sane person wants to work for little or nothing. I have however, found some mills that I regard as well paying jobs. These I will list in a future post.

I do believe that content mills can be beneficial to some people. There are those who figure a goal and work towards it regardless of the pay rate or the time it takes. I also think my time would be better writing than applying for jobs, although I do take a few hours out of a couple of days to do this.

There are many opportunities online and there are a multitude of them that give others a bad name. Content mills are not that bad, in fact there are a few of them out there that offer decent rates and pay on time. And if you are looking for work at all hours of the day or night, then the mill is your place to go.

(and remember, this is only my opinion. Post your comment below)


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